4 Things That Make Acne Worse

Mixing Sodium Bicarbonate W/ Water: The most generic, though effective of acne home remedies. The baking soda uses a natural alcohol free technique of drying up the excess sebum under the skin. Mix a cup of baking soda with a little water till it becomes a paste, use to the infected area (not the entire … Read more

Leading 7 Misconceptions About Acne

People who have acne would offer anything to eliminate it; not surprising that acne control products are so popular. But how would you figure out which items work and which don’t? What is the difference between them all? The truth is that the difference is mostly packaging and marketing strategy to promote a specific item. … Read more

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Acne

Acne is normal so there is no cause to panic. You will most likely be quite distressed if you are one of those lucky individuals who have actually never had an issue with your skin previously. After all this time, when you believed you had escaped it, you lastly need to come to terms with … Read more